Well, Spring is here and we are in full throttle mode setting up flats of Cole crops, Herbs, and Flowers. Planning,  ordering, and reinvesting in the our business takes a lot of funds. 
We use many different seed houses in order to get fresh heirloom and organic growing seeds. This in it'self is a task requiring hours to find seeds to meet our needs. We average approx $200.00 - $300.00 in each category just in seed. So when we are done buying vegetable, herb, flower and fruiting seed it is an expense you risk in growing and starting them. We put together each year our own seed starting mix of peat moss (sphagnum, organic matter) and pear-lite  ( a natural organic water retainer) by the bucket full. So far in planting we go through about 60 lbs starting seed growing. We purchase flats, special trays and cell inserts. We added this year more wire racks lighting and watering systems. In all our re-investments usually run $1-$1.5K. This year we went over by $1.5k to a total of $3K.
   For those not knowing what is involved starting seed in a residential environment for commercial production on a low monetary budget it’s hell. We do not own or have an outdoor green house to start our yearly growing s so we took a spare bedroom and made it into a seed starting grow room. My most stressful time. Seeding and waiting for the germination showings. Time is everything. To seed a 512 cell tray it can take 10 minutes to several hours. If the seeds are not to small I can use my seed wand I made to vacu-seed trays. If the seeds would get sucked up being too small, I spend tedious hours with a pair of tweezers planting cell by cell seed after seed.
  When days go by in most cases the germination occurs between 7-14 days and this brings about where there may be empty cells of no growth. This is another timed variable that is touchy as here in Massachusetts our growing season is already short lived never mind re-seeding in hopes maturing plants fall into the production seasons needs and not become a way side waste of time.
  May the balancing act begin, no pun intended but once the plants become established they are moved from starter cells to mini-pots. From here they will go outside to “harden off” before transplanting one more time into there permanent residence in the garden. This year i’m supporting enough growing to sell at the Farmer’s Market, my Roadside Stand, and a local restaurant. So far this amounts to 1000 vegetable starts, 1024 Herb starts, and 1500 Floral starts. Only to start again planting out the same by seed in two weeks.
   While growing is not the only commerce readying going on here. I am working hard and long hours making by hand wood, metal, and glass crafted items, as well as organic natural Candles, Soaps, body and skin care products and we design our own Real Crystal Jewelry making and that's not all.
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